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Embracing sustainability

Organic walls design aesthetic sustainable solutions for interior walls


Establishing his career in 2005 initially using Limewash Paint, Venetian Stucco, Tadelakt, Clay, Paint and Microcement materials popular throughout Italy, Paolo Cirelli has gone on to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in this creative field.

His mastery in the field has markedly increased, thanks to the substantial involvement through a decade of collaboration with POLIDORI-BARBERA DESIGN in London.

However, a growing desire to provide more environmentally-friendly finishing’s with a natural, authentic touch led him to launch Organic Walls.

Organic walls products exhibit a unique, organic appearance derived solely from the intrinsic pigmentation of hydrated lime's mineral components. They are free from the chemical additives commonly employed in the industry to transform hydrated lime into synthetic paste, known as polished plaster.

The finishes are handcrafted using a method that combines traditional Venetian stucco and Moroccan Tadelakt techniques. This approach to product’s application,

 aims at maintaining the biological value of the raw materials, that gives Organic walls finishes a distinctive earthy appearance.
   Organic matter

      Circularity and resilience

By maintaining hydrated lime in a powdered state within recycled paper bags until the commencement of the wall application process, Organic Walls demonstrates a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Hydrated lime, in its natural powder form, has a lower environmental impact compared to some alternatives that are being modified to prioritize commercial gain. Recycled paper bags are preferable to metal and plastic containers from a biodegradability perspective. This approach aligns with sustainability goals by minimizing resource use and promoting eco-friendly packaging.

Organic Walls'products and packaging materials support the principle of circular economy as they can be entirely recycled, streamlining the recycling process as they are treated as unified and easily recyclable entities.

   Energy consumption optimization and Water conservation

Organic Walls' products contribute to reducing energy consumption, as the surfaces of walls finished with its products naturally optimize the spread of daylight throughout the environment.

Thanks to the reflective properties of the wall finish, which are produced from the patina that naturally develops during the application process, light disperses widely throughout the entire space. This optimization of daylight usage reduces the need for artificial light, resulting in decreased energy consumption.

Due to its natural composition, Organic Walls products poses no threat of releasing harmful chemicals, making it a safe choice for use near water bodies, without any adverse impact on wildlife or ecosystems.

Considering that the paint industry consumes up to 75 to 85 million gallons of water per day, with only 4% undergoing recycling, using materials of natural origin only and minimizing paint usage, can contribute to water conservation. 

In addition to these, unlike paint, Organic Walls products passes the indoor air comfort test, as paint products involves releasing chemicals in the air, during the production and the application process. Paint vapours emit harmful VOCs into the atmosphere.  

 Organic walls prioritize customization


Organic Walls is committed to continuous production of new, customizable finishes. Its specialization lies in providing tailored services, allowing clients to actively shape the sample finish for their projects. Customers can personalize the colour, texture, pattern, and overall finish to bring their unique vision to life—resulting in distinctive outcomes for every project.


With the increasing need for sustainable construction solutions, limestone-based finishes are poised to emerge as a prominent contender, being limestone one of the most environmentally conscious building materials that combines aesthetics, top-notch performance, and long-lasting durability. Organic Walls  finishes stand out with their inherent water resistance property. Committed to innovation, the company also prioritizes the development of waterproof products suitable for application in wet areas.

Limestone, being a natural stone, inherently possesses non-combustible properties. However, the fire rating of a product made from limestone is contingent upon its entire composition and construction. In pursuit of commercial benefits, certain limestone-based products are modified with chemical additives, resulting in a diminished fire rating.

In contrast, hydrated lime in its natural powdered form, free from chemical additives, contributes to the creation of organic walls with an exceptional overall fire rating. The absence of chemical enhancements ensures the preservation of limestone's innate non-combustible nature, solidifying the Organic Walls' outstanding fire-resistant characteristics.

 Global Design Perspectives

Please take the time to explore Organic walls collection of photo projects undertaken in the UK and abroad, encapsulating the artistic journey developed over two decades of work in some of the world's foremost design industry hubs. These hubs include Milan, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Moscow. In these cosmopolitan cultures, a diverse community of talented designers and architects has undeniably played a significant role in shaping creatively cutting-edge designs, avant-garde concepts, and a continuous drive for innovative approaches to interior sustainable finishes.

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